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A project with a small team, big expectations, and lots of pressure to get it right.  With the expansion of seasonal activities Grand Targhee needed to simplify and merge online service offerings, point-of-sale, online bookings, member management, marketing, press, intranet, and of course the daily events and snow report which has a focused review team (affectionately called ‘locals’).  The online services now function as a web application.  We did it on a shoestring budget, a team of three, and integration with a mesh of vendors. 

Teton Valley Cycling

The greatest things usually happen on two wheels.  I came to my home in this small rural valley because of the outdoors, but the cycling was in its infancy.  The trails were rustic, rutted, and grown over.  Names like Spooky, Lithium, Ritalin, and Skull Fucker were aptly named.  I began as a trail builder and slowly have developed many marketing campaigns, websites, and even an award winning movie which all support the community of cyclist here in Jackson Hole and Teton Valley.

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